Looking for experts on Jesuit Symbols

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Looking for experts on Jesuit Symbols

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My name is Leeland. (not leland- was given access to to forum site through Jim. Thanks Jim)

I work with Youtuber, Dallmyd, AKA Jake Koehler.


Jake is a scuba diving, treasure hunter with over 1.5 billion views and over 12 million subscribers worldwide. Until I came along he was more of a scavenger, but now that I'm in charge of his research, ideation and collaboration creation division, I'm trying to make him into a respectable Treasure Hunter. My job more or less is to gift wrap projects that have been as thoroughly bullshit detected as possible, with all the logistics planned out.

I'm always looking for projects to get involved with. Our latest project may potentially involve stolen gold in Italy- but it may actually be Jesuit treasure that was stashed in the 1700's. We're not sure yet and are gathering more information before agreeing to fund the project. We have a few Jesuit markers in the area, one with arrows, and one of those arrows is pointing toward where we believe the treasure may be. In my search for a Jesuit marking expert, I came across the name, Mitch Waite, but sadly Mr. Waite passed away back in 2015. So I was hoping there might be some more experts here.

I actually encountered threads on this site from 2010 in my research and found out a lot of really useful things: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1787

Is there anyone here who can claim to know a great deal about Jesuits? I'd like to consult with you. We can discuss the details privately.

Oh and for whatever else it's worth, if you have a channel you're trying to get off the ground, a project that needs funding or just have an adventure you'd love to get documented on film for free- let me know about it. I'll do everything I can to make it happen if it's a great opportunity for all involved.

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