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New Book For KGC Treasure Hunters and Enthusiasts

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2016 11:09 pm
by PhillyJack
The new book Knights' Gold will prove that the Knights of the Golden Circle did bury treasure. In 1934, two Baltimore teens accidentally unearthed 5,000 gold coins under a crumbling tenement house. For the past 80+ years it was thought the coins were the life savings of a wealthy miser. Now, startling evidence has surfaced linking the fortune in gold to the Baltimore chapter of the KGC, leading to John Wilkes Booth (who lived just four blocks from the treasure site) and the conspiracy by the Confederate Secret Service to kidnap Abraham Lincoln.

The book also contains chapters on Jesse James and his connections to the KGC, as well as the theory that the legendary treasure of Victorio Peak in New Mexico may have been a KGC treasure site.

The book is now out on Kindle and will be available in paperback very shortly.
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