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26 Tips for Surviving in the Desert

Posted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 10:21 am
by Jim_b
To the casual observer, the Arizona desert is a strange yet beautiful place. It has some of the most unusual and enticing landscapes, wildlife and plants in the world. The sun shines relentlessly. Shadows mystify. Hills beckon. Exotic things grow. What is over the next ridge? What might I miss if I don’t look?

Yet, for the unwary, unsuspecting or uninformed visitor, the Sonoran Desert can be an unforgiving place. A small blunder can turn an afternoon drive off road or an overnight camping trip into an emergency. People sometimes die in the desert.

With so many moving to desert areas or vacationing in the desert region, it is important to be aware of the desert's dangers so that safety precautions can be taken. Even being caught on the side of a road without enough water can be dangerous.

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