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Desert Rescue

Posted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 3:22 pm
by dzrtman13
I doubt if anyone remembers a tragic desert survival event back in August, 1961 West of Blythe, Ca. Three men decided to "prospecting" in-near the Chuckwalla Mts. from Blythe, Ca. In the worst month of the summer. They told no one specifically where. About 5 miles South of "Hell" Ca. East of Desert Center, Now exit 27 on I-10. The Jeep broke down and two of the men split up to get help. Mistake #1. Perhaps mistake #1 would be NOT to prospect in the summer period. Mistake #2 would be to make sure you tell someone exactly what, when, where etc. #3 would be to make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape. This was supposed to be a in n out adventure, right? Anyway, the Riverside County Sheriff was notified the next morning and he beat feat Eastward to the rescue. In the meantime, other, officers from the County and City of Blythe were on the ground in 120+ heat along with airplanes. The Sheriff was found dead from heat exhaustion as well as my brother and the other fellow who ventured off. They found the one who was passed out under the jeep having drank the radiator water. Three men died needlessly. This whole event caused many years of a harsh lesson in desert survival and rescue besides widows and fatherless children. My brother was a policeman in Blythe and left two small children. This is a harsh story of not only how a bad domino of events can travel but a good domino can travel when we do something right. Or, don't spit in the wind, step on supermans toes, and go out in the desert in the summer. Still, every summer, the South West has stories of death and rescue. Set up good domino's and let the rescuer's have a break for a change.