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Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:54 am
by thehunter
Hopefully I don't have too many angry peoples criticisms.I'm in agreement with all that feel that it is another map following the same markings but changes have been made to it.some writings were added on some important wording was smeared.
If you look at the crosses you can easily read the far left you can see a jiggly snakelike marking.underneath there is writing that is smeared.its the name of a rought to travel.if you look on the peak there are many letters on it.they also smudged areas so you can't tell what is hill and what is flatland.
If you were given or bought a treasure map would you show it to others so the owner could compete with everyone who had a copy.
Without all the changes it is a real treasure map.w hats good about this map is that it shows many mines. I am sure they are mission mines. O on one of the upper right mines on the map I could read SRA. /which is senora, woman but is also used with religion /mary.I also see mines that are on my copy of a if youtu believe me use both maps on your search.a clue i'll give you is that I have a cavern/ caverna. On my map.[youtube][/youtube]