Carson City to Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs

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Carson City to Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs

Post by Tyroler »

Part walking and parts use of Local Busses
Thinking more going across the County then 395,with using local Busses when possible. But couldnt find much Literatur about known Long Distance Hikes in that Area
Just trying to get any Link
thanx for reading
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Re: Carson City to Bagdad Cafe in Newberry Springs

Post by SteveS »

I can’t really understand what your asking, and from the lack of reply’s, other don’t know how to help either.

Since I have covered a lot of the ground between Carson City and Newberry Springs I’ll add my free advice.

The distance between the two places is over 400 miles using main hiways, and some very large distances between services (food, water, lodging, help, etc) making this a hike of considerable magnitude unless you’re a seasoned back-packer.

Which is part of the confusion I have, why an experienced back-packer is seeking local bus service. Some of the communities along your possible route do have public transportation, but we would need to know your exact route to even offer the minimum of information.

If you post your skill level, past hiking experience, equipment, time-frame (how much time do you have & time of year) route, and needs, we could be more helpful.
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