Limits to travel in Kerala and changes taking place

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Limits to travel in Kerala and changes taking place

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Most people in Kerala do not travel and even those who travel do not travel extensively. A number of analytical and psychological studies have been made in this sphere. In most of these studies, the limits or barriers to travel have been divided into five broad categories.

Cost: Travelers and tourists operate within monetary constraints and the cost involved to travel has to compete with other funds. According to a study, in the United States over fifty percent of the people cannot undertake travel due to the high cost involved. In a recent study conducted in India, 62% of the respondents cited expenses as the main reason for not undertaking a trip. In Kerala tourist resorts are so expensive and a local tourist with nominal incomes cannot afford such luxuries.

Lack of Time: This is characteristic of those who are not in a position to leave their business or profession to take time off from work. Due to the increase in the frequency of holidays and the incentives being offered for taking time off for vacations, more and more people are now traveling to tourist destinations even when they have busy schedules ahead.

Physical limitations: Poor health and physical limitations forced old people to stay at home. In Kerala, even this trend is changing because the old people are also taken care of in some of the tour packages offered by the prominent travel agencies.

Family obligations: Parents of young citizens cannot travel because of family obligations and the inconveniences involved in traveling. This was the case until recent times. With the advent of the Information Technology (IT) outsourcing, women employees are offered financial packages wherein they are paid the full salary for 3 months during maternity leave. Not only that, the entire family is also given the option of a paid vacation in a far off destination. Thus even toddlers and their parents are now another emerging group of travelers.
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