Lower Eagle Creek

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Re: Lower Eagle Creek

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I am totaly in favor of the rules in effect to protect the bats. One must realise, however, that WNS is found on the eastern side of the country with no reported caes of WNS anywhere in the western US. The BLM has addopted the rule that closures will be made on a case by case basis and not a blanket rule. Is the clousure a good idea? I do not know. Recent studies indicate that bats themselves are the primary mover of WNS. Even the US Fish and Wildlife says humans are not the major or minor transmiter of WNS http://www.fws.gov/whitenosesyndrome/pd ... Poster.pdf I want no harm for the bat, they are far to important for mistakes. However, is this blanket order the proper way to stop WNS ?

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