Casa del Zorro Borrego Springs - Closed

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Re: Casa del Zorro Borrego Springs - Closed

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Borrego Linda wrote:
CowboySlim wrote:We come down twice a year and now thinking of our fall trip, this month or next.
I understand that Carlee's Place has a new owner and that the employees are fine with that owner.
Anybody know who that might be?
Just curious, we'll be there for dinner that Sat. night, regardless. :)

His name is Andy and he's been tending bar there for a long time. We've eaten there 3 times since he bought it and you can't tell the difference! The food is still really good, and the service is as friendly as ever!
Thanks, Linda, and HUGE Roger That for great news!
Yes, we know Andy real well and all the other folks that work there.
And they all know my family as we always have Sat. night dinner there and then my son-in-law and I stay on for just a bit after my daughter takes the two kids back to the hotel.
All the folks in there are just great!

Kinda' habit then as we always have Friday night dinner at Pablito's.
Then Sat. AM we always drive up Coyote Canyon so that the kids can play in the creek.

So, if you see them, the Carlee's folks, in the meantime, tell 'em hello from the "Cowboy" and I hope to be down soon.
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