Plant Fossils Near Reno, Nevada

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Plant Fossils Near Reno, Nevada

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Not long ago, I uploaded to my field trip report "Plant Fossils In The Neighborhood Of Reno, Nevada." It's about two middle Miocene (15.6 to 13.3 million years old) leaf-seed-needle-fascicle (a bundle of needles), and cone-producing places near Reno, western Great Basin Desert. Includes a detailed text, in addition to fully captioned (with explanatory text) photographs of fossils and on-site images.

Here is a carbonized specimen of Chamaecyparis cordillerae (synonym of C. sierrae), the Miocene equivalent of today's Lawson cypress, Chamaecyparis lawsiana, now native to southwestern Oregon and the Klamath Mountains of northwest California at elevations from sea level to 4,900 feet (1,500 m); from the 13.3 to 14.8 million year old middle Miocene Chloropagus Formation in the neighborhood of Reno, Nevada, Great Basin Desert.

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