Buckinskin Gulch around Dec end

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Buckinskin Gulch around Dec end

Post by rkrathi »

I would like to day-hike the Buckskin Gulch around Dec 25th. I checked the temperature and precipitation here-
http://www.blm.gov/az/st/en/arolrsmain/ ... imate.html

The precipitation and chances of flash floods are NOT the best in the year, but just alright. But it is the coldest time in the year in the gulch.

So is it possible to do the gulch this time of the year ? The number of visitors is very low this time of the yr.
What are the challenges faced doing the gulch in winter ?

I would also be visiting the South Coyote Buttes and if possible "the Wave".

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Re: Buckinskin Gulch around Dec end

Post by yuccahead »

rkrathi wrote:What are the challenges faced doing the gulch in winter ?
First of all, I've never hiked Buckskin or Paria or anywhere around there, especially in Dec. but, I live at the same altitude on the Colorado Plateau so maybe I can help a little.
Just looking at that site I saw the trailhead is 4.5 miles off of the pavement down a dirt road. In Dec. it's more than likely going to be snowpacked and icy and maybe really muddy if there's a warm spell. You'd better have 4WD, and chains.
The Ranger station is closed so you'll be pretty much on your own. Bring a cell phone even though there may not be service out there. Have water, a sleeping bag and food in your vehicle just in case.
Hiking might be tricky as well. Dress in layers and be prepared for the worst. The trail may be snow packed and icy, bring a pair of crampons.
Let someone know you'll be out there and when you plan to return, call them when you get back.
Call the ranger station before it closes for the season and find out where you can get up to the minute road/trail conditions before you head out there.
Good luck.
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Re: Buckinskin Gulch around Dec end

Post by Moedad »


I've hiked Buckskin/Paria in late March, so weather conditions were probably better than you can expect but maybe not. There was running snow melt through Buckskin the week before we got there, but it had stopped by the time we arrived. There were still plenty of COLD :shock: pools to wade through though.

One resource you may want to take advantage of is the shuttle service provided by Paria Outpost and Outfitters http://www.paria.com/. Steve Dodson, who runs the place, can take you to the trailhead for Wire Canyon or the Middle Trail if you elect to skip the Cesspool portion of Buckskin and he can pick you up at the Whitehouse campground where you end up too. He usually has up-to-date info on conditions too. He'd be a good guy to check with. Plus on weekends the restaurant there runs a buffet with live cowboy music. AND :idea: you can get a hot shower there after the hike too.
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